Slavery Innovated

In 1865 the Constitution of the United States of America was ratified abolishing slavery.  Well, if you look at history with a cynical lens, slavery is making a comeback. As far as I am concerned, anyone who is against Medicare for All is Pro-Slavery.  Let me explain through the lenses of slavery, dictatorships and our old friend feudalism.

Each has benefits and negatives and each has failsafes.  First, feudalism. At the top is the king, followed by the clergy, then the knights down to the peasants and slaves.  In this system, an unfair king would be overthrown usually by one of his Knights. It would happen for two reasons. Either a weakening of the king himself or unfair treatment of his subjects.  When they felt like the balance was off, they would revolt and overthrow the king to make sure their needs would be met. In simple terms, when the normal everyday joe wasn’t being treated like a citizen, they would fight back to ensure that they were.

Moving on to dictatorships. The most famous one in modern times was Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  But how did he rise to power? He rallied the people and their needs to implement a new form of government that would benefit the citizens of Germany.  Yes, atrocities happen, usually as the hand of individuals with too much power, but the good was that prior to WWII, Germany went from rags to riches establishing themselves as a word power and force to be reckoned with.  How? With the support of the people.

Slavery, however, is the ownership of a person.  When you own a person, you own them healthy and sick.  It means when they can no longer do the task like pick the cotton, they can be taken behind the shed and shot like a dying dog.  This is neither humane, a Christian value, or moral. That is why in 1865 we, the people of the USA, allowed and supported a change to the Constitution in the form of an Amendment that would Abolish, make illegal, slavery.

So in 2019 it doesn’t make sense that any citizen is against being provided Medical Care as part of being a citizen.  Our money is taxed heavily and in return we are provided not much, crumbling infrastructure, below par education and polluted air all so the people at the top can be fatter and happier.  However you look at it, it is not Democracy. It is a hybrid form of slavery meeting a dictatorship rewinding to feudalism.

In turn, I believe a vote or a citizen who is against Medicare for All, retirement and education is a person who wants to return to 1863 when slavery was still a right.  Think about it. You pay taxes in return for austerity and the right to pursue happiness. Without those things in place, you are just a follower following blindly thinking that what is being taught to you is the Truth.  Think for yourself. If you or a loved one gets sick, shouldn’t they get the care they deserve regardless of cost just for being an American.

And those who scream but the cost.  I say of what? The illusion of being free and having a government that is reciprocal in relationship and those in power should have been able to predict and infer that a time would come when the citizens would demand reciprocity.  Those in power who didn’t are the ones to blame, to impeach, to jail and to remove from power.


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