Traitors Among You

Dear Democrats,

I am not usually a snitch or tattle tale but I think you have two traitors to your mission among you.  Both are seemingly masters at the trick of hand, having you focus on one thing while something else is happening in the wings.  The two traitors to the Democratic party are Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

Let me start with Clinton.  Her sense of entitlement is unparalleled.  She could not see the writing on the wall during the fiasco of the DNC in 2015.  The writing clearly said Sanders beats Trump. Trump beats Clinton. So when the chair of the DNC was dethroned for cheating, Clinton should have backed the winning horse and thrown her name in for VP.  Now, I don’t know if there is bad water between Trump and Clinton but they were the leaders of the party. One continued to move forward and help the citizens and Democratic beliefs while the other stayed silent only to breach the water to hurl insults against Trump and the right.  What she could have done is rallied all the support she had to prepare to stand behind Sanders from 2016 until now. That would put you in a better position now.

The other is Nancy Pelosi.  From an outsider’s perspective she is moving forward with a personal agenda to oust Trump.  I am all for change when it is needed and well placed. I am the first one in line. However, in this case, I see two problems.  The first is that even though Trump has a lot to learn about diplomacy and government, he won. So I don’t understand why we are blaming him for winning.  The blame is clearly misplaced and misdirected. Don’t you think that the system and those in the system who allowed him to get elected are liable too? I do.  Look at the world we live in. Cheats and criminals are celebrated: OJ Simpson, Lance Armstrong, A-Rod. That’s a systemic problem not one of an individual.

More importantly, either Pelosi is too wrapped up in her agended self and blind then she clearly supports the right and the Republicans.  For all of his faults, Trump is a moderate. His running mate is not. He is a conversative gynophobic. You may think Trump is putting us back 20 years and you are free to think that.  Pence would put us back to the 1920s. Remember, he is a man who will not be alone in a room with a woman other than his wife. There are a lot of women who have an amazing voice and we need to hear them.  They should not be silenced because of his phobias. But mind you, he is the VP. He becomes president if Trump is ousted.

So for these reasons I think both Clinton and Pelosi are secret supporters of the Republican party.  Trump is a moderate. Pence is not. If you want to see high voter turnout for 2020, put Pence on the ballot.  It will lead to nothing good except for those who are devoted to conservative ideals and a Corporate Oligarchy in which profits outweigh the needs of the people.


Gezi and me 


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