The Corporate Oligarchy

The Corporate Oligarchy is on the verge of rising out of the ashes of the Capitalist Democratic Republic that we once loved.  In 1765 a somewhat nationless group of men and women joined together to free themselves from their oppressors. Regardless of nation of origin, these people banded together in order to build a new nation.  From this the United States of America was born. Our ancestors did this for us so that we would have a brighter future.  

In 1783 we were recognized as a free nation.  The first to do so was the Muslim nation of Morocco, an old kingdom with a long and rich history.  I mention this because somewhere along the line this fact was forgotten and swept under the rug of our history to create a narrative that better fits the identity some wanted to create.  This is especially true in Post World War American history when we really were able to create our own nation and culture. Quickly, companies like Levis, Smith and Wesson, Ford, Harley Davidson, Chevy, GM,  Marlboro, Jack Daniels, and MLB boomed and our customs and culture was born. But to what end?

Unchecked, it has led to the rise of the Corporate Oligarchy.  Corporate meaning corporations rule and oligarchy meaning a small select group.  Movies like Terminator and Blade Runner touch on this subject. Corporations are the leaders and therefore the owners of the civilizations they control. This in turn makes the citizens slaves to the corporations.  

Today, more than ever this is true.  We are all needy users of the tech industry, the auto industry, the textile industry, food and drink conglomerates and entertainment companies.  We think we are moving towards a society in which we are more free; I think we are moving to one where we enslave ourselves accidentally. Ask any minimalist or Jack Reacher and they will agree.

In 2009 Obama stated that businesses had become too big to fail.  On that day the Capitalist part of our society died. No longer does it matter which company produces the better product.  It is now which company has deeper pockets to weather the storm or undercut the competitors. Companies like WalMart and Warner Bros come to mind.  The first produces and sells products cheaper to its consumers than anyone else therefore killing small companies. Amazon is the King of this and when we discuss these companies, we personify them.  We give them human attributes. Accidentally, no, I believe it is by design. The latter produces TV and Films. We no longer discuss the quality of acting or the music score, the only measure of a films success is its box office pull.  Money does not equate good. 

Democracy, or rule of the people, was destroyed in 2015 during the DNC.  Remember folks, if the DNC had been fair, Sanders would have been in the ring with Trump. The system failed itself because of entitlement and ego and if it’s not careful, will do it again.

The credo of any fortune 500 company is to make more money for the stockholders.  Not the users and these companies are not interested in producing the best products.  That would go to the artisans, which in the USA, we have destroyed mind a few. These companies are designed to be ruthless, unfair, and unethical in their search for corporate gains.

The USA stands for the United States of America not the Unified Selves of America which is how it comes across.  We need to stand together at a time where the power and wealth is being held by fewer and fewer people to ensure the future of our children today and their children.  Any message that is self serving of side goes against the nation. Right or Left, if you are not looking to unite each other then you are looking to break us apart. It’s as simple as that and we will become slaves to the Corporate Oligarchy.


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