Happy Gilmore and Tony Stark

My bond is with the people, and I will serve this great nation at the pleasure of myself. If there’s one thing I’ve proven it’s that you can count on me to pleasure myself.

— Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Iron Man 2


In many ways the fictional character of Tony Stark and Iron Man exemplify the primary characteristics of what it means to be an American.  For the past 12 year we have admired and revered Iron Man not only as a character but as a cultural icon and national export. He is the underdog, a free thinker and someone who can do, all traits that define America.  The last line of Iron Man is Tony Stark proclaiming, “I am Iron Man.” We cheered, got the goosebumps and for 12 years have tuned in for all the latest episodes of his saga. I am here to tell you Iron Man is alive and real.  Donald Trump is Iron Man.

First of all, both billionaires Trump and Stark were considered underdogs even though they were born into great wealth.  Stark was able to beat any rival with nothing more than his money, super suit and his whit. Trump is the same. He was born into great wealth and has always been viewed as an underdog and beat all of his rivals with nothing more than his money, tailor made suits and his whit.  I don’t think we give either character enough credit. Stark had to best Thor and the Incredible Hulk and Trump had to best the Democrats and Republicans and they both did so, while making it look easy.

Satire aside, I think we need to look at the reality of Trump.  How many people sit in the world of would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.  I would reckon most. Here is a guy who thought, “I like this reality tv stuff.  I could do that,” and did it with phenomenal success. His show for 15 seasons. Talk to any waiter in NY and LA and you will find a person who wishes they were a reality TV show host like Trump.  Not only that, he went on to become Potus by just thinking, I can do that. I can be President like my elementary school teachers told me. I am an American. If I think it, I can do it. Mind you I don’t think necessarily this should be the case but it was.  It’s like he was able to paint the Mona Lisa with Crayola crayons or like Happy Gilmore, win the PGA Tour win a hockey stick. I am in awe of this not matter what lens I wear. He bested all politicians of both parties to get the Super Bowl ring. Give is a think for a minute.  Numbers aside, whether you like him or not, he was able to compete. If I walked out onto a football field with all the gear, it would not change the outcome that I would get creamed. He went against career politicians, all of them mind you, and won. Can’t blame him for winning so give him some credit where credit is do and lay blame to those who should be blamed.

Tony Stark is a selfish character without general care of others.  For 12 years he proved he was always willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good of himself. His character was fueled by his ego.  His fictional love for himself was unparalleled in story. Trump Is unparalleled in reality. He is a guy that above all things, loves himself.  They say art mirrors real life. I think in the case of Trump, real life mirrors art.  

There are a couple of harsh truths.  Change is very difficult. Admitting a mistake is even more so.  So to admit a mistake and suggest change at the same time is the everest of life challenges.  It requires a rewiring of your brain and thinking patterns. America may want to think a little more deeply on this one.  Trump is not a symptom of a greater problem, he is the terminal diagnosis that only new, innovative and experimental thinking will alter us from the path that he has put us on.  He bested the best of the both parties to win. I think we need to stop looking at what it means to be an American and start examining what are our collective needs are as American citizens and demand them in exchange for our citizenship ie work.  That what our taxes pay for. It’s a trade of our work for certain rights like a federal government and politicians that work well for us and provide us with healthcare, retirement, education and the pursuit of happiness.

Trump is proof that that system is broken.  He bested all of them for his own personal gains. Tony Stark said, “My bond is with the people, and I will serve this great nation at the pleasure of myself. If there’s one thing I’ve proven it’s that you can count on me to pleasure myself.”  Trump has been doing this since the 70s. It’s not his fault that he is Trump. The last 12 years Iron Man and 15 of the Apprentice have proven that is what we want and are willing to pay for.  I think it is time for change and the first step is admitting that you were wrong.




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