The Lens of Assumption

Begin challenging your assumptions. Your assumptions are the windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile or the light won’t come in. – Alan Alda

Assuming and being the assumed about sucks.  I know this to be true. It has been happening to me all my life.  When someone thinks they have a grip on who you are based only on what they see, they are fools and their voice is worthless.  They are the bullies of the world. The Left have assumed this role. You are petty. Misinformed. Selfish. Sore losers. Do more harm than good and cry babies.  The right, you are not much better.

The Constitution of the United States of America begins with a very specific and well chosen word. WE.  Stop making my real future your game. It is not. All of us are citizens of the same country under the same flag. Old Glory, The red, white and blue.  Don’t like it. Move. Go. No skin off of anyone’s back.

But for those of us who are American citizens and enjoy the fruits of our combined labor need to get one thing straight.  Donald Trump is a man. One man. He currently holds the highest position in the land and deserves respect or silence like Colin Kaepernick.  I am fine with either.  We can choose. But to physically act out against the seat is not patriotic, fair or in the best interest of the citizens of the USA.  You, in turn, are disrespecting all who have sat in it. Wake up! Your message is ugly and hate filled. Us fencers, we really don’t like it.

Trump is an effect.  Nothing more and nothing less.  From what I know of him, which is little just the books I have read and 40 years of being a NYer, he’s one of the guys.  He is well liked, or has been, by people of all walks of life. Rich, poor. Black, white. Christian, Muslim. Male, female.  Yes, he does beat to a different drummer. That is okay. So do many of us. Trump and his team did not assume or force anyone to vote one way or another during the election.  In the beginning he was a million to one longshot like Happy Gilmore. He bested all politicians of both parties by playing politics with a hockey stick.

 The Left, you are Shooter McGavin, the quintessential whiny sore loser who assumed he would win.  He did not and you did not and you both made a mockery of yourself.

When you Boo the president and are happy about it, you are disrespecting the seat and the history it represents and setting a precedent for the future when we can’t come together as the WE.  Let me clear, when Trump looks like the adult in the room and you the whiny misguided adolescent, there is no choice for change in the future.

One response to “The Lens of Assumption”

  1. Thanks for the enlightening insult.


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