An Ebb and Flow Rock

Most surfers understand that their sport is dependent on the ebb and flow of the sea.  Those who don’t tend to get pulled along the rock or reef. Climbers, however, rely on the immobility of the rock.  When the rock breaks, they fall. Some people prefer a stable life. One with a specific path that is almost certain if they master the moves.  Others prefer the ever changing sea where no two waves are exactly the same and success is dependent on real time movement and adaptation.  

The world has had people like this forever and when the two groups intersect storms begin.  It doesn’t matter where we look, any time a nomadic group comes up against a rooted community a battle ensues.  Today, it’s the Kurds and Rohinga. Yesterday, it was the gypsies and native Americans. Tomorrow, it will be the digital nomad and van lifers.  It is also not a problem that will fix itself unless a change in thinking occurs.

Life is hard and for many people it is made harder by them being forced to put themselves into a box in either direction.  My best friend for 15 years taught me this lesson. From early on, he wanted to be a husband, a father, a lawyer, and a contributing member of his community.  He achieved these things and is a success by his measure. I wanted travel, freedom and play. Over the past 30 years, I have played more than him and he has had more financial success.  Is either way correct? No. When I tried to force myself into the box, I failed because I would lose myself. Not immediately, but over time I realized that the traditional straight path was not for me.  My friend in turn would have hated my life.

So how do we solve the problem?  The problem is clear, the static community that wants lines defined, like borders, has a hard time adapting to groups that ebb and flow across those borders like they don’t exist.  And the ebb and flower can’t live their best life without the freedom to come and go. What’s the solution?

Land use is a difficult  issue, whether we are talking nations, beaches, forests or even coffee shops, but the solution seems really simple, be kind and follow the golden rule.  Do unto others as you want done to you. Make the number one currency in life helping others across the board in all cultures. Today, it’s money. Maybe tomorrow, it can be joy and we can stop worrying about something that will be irrelevant in the future no matter what we do.


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