The Blame Game

Blame is a tool usually employed by siblings to avoid punishment.  In 2019 it is the tool employed by those in power and who make the rules to avoid punishment.  Ironic isn’t it. Why is that? When children do it at home or in the classroom, we teach them that there are alternatives to solving problems and teach them how to employ these strategies.  However, today, one cannot open any news source and not find a headline in which one person or group is blaming another for the ills of the world.  

Get over yourselves and learn how to do your jobs.  Blame is the easy way out and literally leads to no better of a place.  It is not Trump’s fault or Obama’s or the Clinton’s. It is not the fault of the rich or the poor or the governments or corporations of the world.  The fault lies with the people. We are taught to believe that our voice is small and insignificant but in fact, as a collective whole, we have all the power and control of all the money.  We dictate how we vote and where we spend our dollars. So if blame is really needed, blame yourself. I do.

Complacency is comfortable.  It is a place where choices are slow to be made, and big choices, borderline on being impossible.  We simply don’t want to give up what we have today for a better tomorrow so blame becomes easy. We use it as a way to deflect our own inadequacies and innactions on others.

For example, anyone who puts blame on Donald Trump might want to stand up, go to the bathroom and look in the mirror to see who is to blame for any issue you want to place on his lap.  For starters, Trump did not just materialize out of a cereal box. Since the 1970s he has been a household name, at least in NY, that exemplified what a successful businessman looks like.  Today, he illustrates the epitome of the American dream. When a middle schoolers are asked what they want to be when they grow up? Astronaut and President are at the top of most of their lists.  Trump achieved that and needs to be commended for it.

The atrocity falls on the lap of all the politicians and government lawmakers who allowed for the system to generate this as an outcome.  If blame needs to be administered let’s start with this list: MTV, the 24 hour news cycle, Presidents from Reagan to Obama, Facebook, the internet, porn, professional sports, the automobile industry, beer and malt liquor companies, the tobacco industry, big pharma and conservative faith no matter the religion.  Look there and see what you get and then see what easy changes can be made. Like Nancy Reagan suggested in the 80s, just say No.


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