Impeach the Problem not the Outcome

Impeaching the President seems like a really bad idea.  For starters, the Vice President then takes on the role and responsibilities of President.  You do know that person is Mike Pence. A man who cannot be near another woman alone because he thinks dirty thoughts I imagine.  Dude, it’s normal. All middle school boys have these thoughts and all men learn to deal with them one way or another. Your way, to be honest, is a little weird and creepy and patriarchal and frankly, backwards.  So I am more afraid of Pence as President than I am the current one.

The Democrats want to impeach Trump.  I can understand why from a comic books point of view where there are superheroes and supervillains.  However, this is the real world. In the real world, there are many more players of the game. This, however, does not mean I don’t think that now is the right time to start the impeachment process.  Crimes against society and the interests of the USA have occured. I just don’t think putting the blame on one person will do any good. It will just create a show and distract us from the multiple players that are behind the curtain getting us to blame the great Wizard of Trump.

So let’s impeach the system.  Let’s start with holding the vetters responsible for allowing Trump and Clinton to be our only options. They committed a crime against humanity and the government.  Then, let’s impeach the government officials who are responsible for the healthcare, the voting and the infrastructure systems of the USA. All are clearly the by product of Pencelike thinking.  Yes, that was a warning shot across your brain. Your brain now is telling you that you may want to rethink your plan.

First, healthcare.  Anyone who thinks socialized medicine is a bad idea has obviously never been in need of anything other than basic care.  Once you have been a contributing member in need of access to the healthcare system, you will think differently. Go to a hospital and visit sick patients and see if you think the system is working.  Furthermore, anyone who needs access to medicine to lead a healthy life, like HIV patients and diabetics, know that the cost of time and money is astronomical and dehumanizing at best. Ironically, the care in third world countries like Thailand and Costa Rica make our systems look like death marches.

McCain went after the voting system and we did not listen.  He also missed an underlying issue that contributes to the problem.  There are people whose job it is to Vet candidates. Their job is to look into someone’s past and see if there is anything at all that will hinder the candidates success at being elected and their ability to do their job.  Those are who need to be outed publically and blamed and be given an appropriate punishment for the crimes that they have committed against the citizens of the US. They have allowed candidates like Trump and Clinton to run for the highest office in the land when both are clearly on the upper echelons of the shady part of society.  The fact that they were the best our country could offer was more of a problem than the outcome.

The USA in many ways is still the land of opportunity but it missing some fundamentals of those fundamental structures are not being maintained.  South Korea has the best airport. Switzerland has the best train system. Europe has the best roads. Morocco has the biggest solar farm. Our infrastructure needs to be revamped and those who have been paid and elected to maintain and take care of it, should be held responsible.  

So if we are going to proceed with the impeachment process, can we please not put the blame on one man and impeach the system and change it to one that is meeting the needs of its citizens regardless of gender, race, religion, size, shape, or hair style. 


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