A Dodo Bird

When I was a middle school teacher, I had to become familiar with what middle schoolers do and watch.  On occasion, like when I was sick or before a holiday, I would call on this information to choose an age appropriate film to watch, learn from and discuss.  One of the series that I used a few times was Ice Age. The characters are relatable and the storyline and themes are relevant.

Recently I read an article about the Extinction Rebellion group and after a little research on their website I came to realize they are probably crowd-funded by the conservative right.  The name alone gives it away. If the group was titled Suicide Rebellion, I would listen.

All this group will do is get key figures in the government and politicians to argue about extinction, why it happens and the god question.  The premise is good but the branding is awful.

The truth is we are killing ourselves.  It is a very slow suicide. It is the same as smoking, drug addiction, sugar addiction and obesity.  The cause is clear and the effect is death. Simple math. The environment is the same. We need clean air and clean water to survive.  When we deprive someone of these things, they die and therefore, we as the depriver are murderers. Ya Ya Ya. Read on.

If I put a gun to your head and shoot you, you are dead, No if, and, or but.  If I immerse you in water for 20 minutes, you are dead. What about if I lock you in the basement, keep you alive with medicine, and then after 20 years of controlling you, I kill you.  It is still is murder. Ostencibly the people who can make a difference and choose not to, are murderers because murder is not defined by how long the death takes.

The problem is we are also all suicidal.  We have mental problems that physically stop us from not killing ourselves.  Daily, I would bet, all of us do something negative to create a carbon footprint.  Granted, some are smaller than others, and some do more than others but needless to say, we all still contribute to our slow death.

Therefore I would argue that the plants and animals that die at our hands go extinct.  But us, no, we have a choice. We are slowly poisoning ourselves and tne environemt knowingly and willingly and contributing to the biggest mass suicide ever.


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