Citizen World

Arguably one of the best films of all time is Citizen Kane but I could really care less.  A film is entertainment. Even at its best, it is only one persons, the directors, vision or view.  It is never the whole truth. So why the mention, the first word of the title.

I hear and read about a lot of people talking about the problems with governments, politicians,  economy, healthcare, traffic, environment, films, war, drugs, sex, LGBTQ, sports, but I do not hear people talking about these problems through the thing that connects us, only through the differences.  I personally think this is by design and so does Orwell’s animals and his fireman.  

If we spend all of our, call it debate time, arguing minutia then we will never get action and the people in power will never be replaced. It truly seems like that is what we are doing.  Frankly, I don’t understand it. I have been privy and part of these conversations. Arguing which is better? Apple or Android, Coke or Pepsi, Ford or Toyota. Truth is, those conversations always left me brain dead and feeling like I was the problem because I had no interest in the conversation.

When people argue these things, they diverge and I believe we are in need of a huge convergence.  

Now, I am an American so my point of reference, especially in the nuances of things, is only from an American perspective.  I could care less what film grossed the most money or what phone breaks the sales records. I could care less which politician is president because I have been alive long enough to see that change doesn’t happen at my station and level in life.  The system keeps me at my status quo. I am neither excited or disenfranchised. I just think both choices equally suck.  

What we need to do as people is redefine what citizenship means.  Quantify it. If citizenship means living a life in debt, not having medicine when needed, being stuck in traffic, only affording bottom rung food, having to pay for a life necessity like water, and watching the rich get richer then the title itself may not be worth it.  I want to know what is means to be a citizen of the USA. The blue passport is a benefit. What else? Maybe it’s time politicians, the governments and corporations should worrying so much about the entities that keep them happy and fat, but the people who contribute and pay into those systems with time, energy, money or a vote.

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