Simple World Made Complicated by Excuses

Two and a half people come to mind in 2019 as having an understanding of this concept and living it: Greta, Melala, and Bernie. Sorry Bernie, I will only give you a half considering you are the adult in the room and progress is so slow.

It doesn’t matter where I have lived over the past ten years, almost all middle school students can clearly identify the difference between what is right and wrong as defined by Immanuel Kant and his concept of the Categorical Imperative. Simply put, there are clear moral obligations to the human condition and therefore we are all connected by this bond. Adults and more over executives and politicians use excuses to waver from this thought pattern in order to better themselves in lew of the community obligations and therefore, going against humanity. Greta, Melala, and Bernie can easily be equated to the environment, education and health. So let’s examine this concept through those lenses.

First, the environment. Coorporartions and politcians don’t want to have do anything to affect thier bottom lines. Coorporations don’t want to lose out on profits and politicians don’t want to lose out on votes. The thing is, the people making these decisions have the lives that we all want. They have the freedoms that we desire but are not willing to comprise it. Ironically, if we don’t fix the probem, we all die. So literally the same group that has the power to solve the problem purposely chooses to do nothing so that they can survive well in the now and we can suffer a slow suicide later.

Education has been made square and should be round. No one looks at the wheel in its truest form and says lets make it a square. No, we have refined over the course of historical evolution to make is rounder and smoother and to spin better but no one has argued that the form needs to change. Education is different. Plato and Aristotle in ancient Greece created the dialectic which is at its base form, the first form of formal edcuation and this form survived in its essence until the 19th century when Horace Mann made the wheel square creating a teacher centered classroom instead of a need or student based classroom. This paved the way for the test centric classrooms that we have today where students, after 12 years, leave school with data but not a clear ability to utilize that data because they were not part of the discourse or discussions. They were forced most of their time pleasing the teacher for the grades which is a bollock system and leads to a bollocks work force which is clearly what we have today.

Lastly is health. When we stopped roaming and stayed put in commuities we gave up some of our survivalistic natures to build something different. Music and art and medicine suddenly changed and evolved into forms that are imaginative and polished. In some ways this is great. Sometimes though, definitions need to be redefined. Health is a right therefore making it a need. If I deprive someone of air, water, food, clothing or shelter, I am depriving them of their basic needs to be defined as a human. I am therefore the monster. So when the systems above force us to breath dirty air, drink and eat water and food that makes us sick, makes clothing out of materials that are harmful to our skin and make us live in shelters made with unnatural materials, the systems are responsible also for solving the problems that they have created.

There is no doubt that we are at a precipise. If we don’t fix the problems, we will die a slow suicide which goes against not only what it means to be human but also what it means to be an animal. We are to survive. Sometimes to survive, we have to be not so nice.

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