Living a Literal Life

observations from the spectrum

Some of our favorite characters in TV and Film are hyper literal and honest. Forest Gump and Sheldon Cooper are two that come to mind. I am someone like them just with a little more anger and frustration added in. I am not a happy dimwit or a genius scientist. I am just a man still trying to get a grip and hold on a seemingly simple world made complicated by weird interpretations.

Let me explain, I am on the autistic spectrum somewhere. Anyway who meets me, know immediately that I am uniquely different. Some find my differences as a positive and others find them as a challenge that they don’t want to overcome. I am okay with either outcome. I have friends and family and a fun life.

My brain is what usually gets me into trouble. I just don’t think in the normal range. I see the world through a simpler lens. One in which there is a moral imperative, ethics, right and wrong, love, hate and probably god.

This blog will hope to help others understand what it’s like to live in a grey world when you see most things as black and white.


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